Canine Companions
My Master’s thesis is being done alongside Canine Companions for Independence, working to improve their platform for reporting progress of service dog puppies in training. Overall, the project covers the entire user-centered design process, from user research to designing, deploying, and testing a new platform. Further, it includes the creation and execution of a product validation workshop with the primary stakeholders in the company. Due to the nature of this collaboration, many details are unable to be posted publicly. If you are interested in further details than what is provided here, please contact me at
This project has afforded me the opportunity to work on my own with a large, non-profit organization. Already, I have been able to sit down with various high-profile stakeholders (region managers, program managers) to get their insight on the problem space. I have also had the opportunity to interview potential users of the platform to gain insights on how they use the current system and what would be helpful to them in a future product. Following this research stage, I went into a large design phase, where I frameworked out the product's layout, features, and general requirements, and followed that with sketches and wireframes of the designs. Currently, I am preparing for a validation workshop, in which I will present these designs to the executive team of the company. Following that, I will be doing a series of iterations and more user testing with potential users.
The general gist of the platform is to cover four areas of puppy raising: Command Training, Socialization, Behavior Monitoring, and Health Tracking. The gallery below shows some sketches, iterations, and wireframes of the product so far. This page will be continuously updated as the project moves forward.