Recent Work.
Conversational Design, Node.js Bot Development, Social Activism
Jefferson is a Facebook Messenger bot that helps you identify and contact your congressional representatives. I owned every aspect of this project, including bot concepting, bot development, branding, logo design, marketing, and web design.
Canine Companions for Independence
User Research, Product Design, Mobile Development
Canine Companions for Independence is the largest nonprofit provider of service dogs in the nation. My master's project involves redesigning and implementing their training tracking system.
Service Design, Product Design, Video Production
Utilizing various service design tools and techniques, our team of three created a revolutionary way to improve private transportation services, such as Uber, for people with physical disabilities.
Front End Development, Social Activism
PhilanthroFeed is a Chrome extension that supplements posts on your Facebook news feed with information on non-profit organizations that could use your support.
Hot Swap
Front-End Development, Active DOM Manipulation
Developed in August 2016, this Chrome Extension swapped out all posts about the 2016 election (from every side of the aisle) with relevant, actionable political engagement information.
Your CitiBike in 2016
Information Visualization, Front-End Development, d3, Back-End Development
Millions of people utilize CitiBike, New York City's bike share program, every year. This project visualizes the story of a bike often utilized by rider's of your age and gender and allows you to explore the bike's journey.
Messenger Bot Development, Information Visualization, Product Management
Raheem is a Facebook Messenger bot for reporting and reviewing police interactions. Raheem collects your stories about what happens with police to build a public way to see what's happening in communities.
Mobile Development, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping
Pinecone is a mobile word game based on the hit gameshow Password. It was rapidly prototyped over a few days and developed on the road (literally).
Shipping Bot
Bot Development, Product Ownership, Presentation Skills
This project was the main work I did at my summer 2016 internship at Junior.