Who I Am.
I like to start every project the same way: with a blank piece of paper and a sharpie. No constraints, no problems, just paper and pen. I think, sketch, mockup, prototype, and develop.

In this process, I draw from a background in cognitive science research, music composition, and computer science, to create awesome, user-centered technologies that brighten people's days, no matter the size. From large-scale platforms down to the smallest animations, I want people to be delighted in their experiences. I am currently studying at Georgia Tech to focus my development and design skills into becoming a full stack UXer.

When I'm not making cool things, you can find me training service dogs, running sound for a local theatre, or playing the bassoon at a farmer's markets. I like to keep busy, so I'm always looking for the next best way to spend my weekend.

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Mountain View
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What I Do.
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UX Design
Experiences must be designed before they can be built. I work in all aspects of UX Design, including prototyping (InVision, Framer, Principle, etc.), service design, user research, visual design, and more.
Front-End Dev
With an arsenal of front-end languages at my disposal, I am able to build engaging, usable, and useful user experiences. I am fluent in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, as well as various frameworks inside each of these languages.
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Back-End Dev
On the back-end, I am a Node wizard and a Python veteran. I enjoy dealing with the guts that control how user experiences work. I am fluent in Node.JS, Python, Swift, bash, and more.